healing and a new beginning

Dearest fellow spiritualists, empaths, lightworkers and awakening souls; HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you managed to leave all your sh*t behind in 2015 and start fresh this year 🙂

My mind has been sort of chaotic lately (same procedure as every year – I guess some things never change 😂) and as a result I’ve been experiencing some sort of writers block. I have wanted to share some words about oh, so many thoughts and themes, but I just couldn’t find where to start..
But, a new year and a new era has begun, so I figured I would share some reflections about this calendar shift with you.

I have to say it has been a year of tremendous personal growth, and for that I am grateful. I finished my Masters Thesis in change management at the same time my work place got shut down and my relationship ended. So there I was; a single,  unemployed ex-student alone in a market defined by oil-crisis and a following massive lack of available jobs, with no money so I had to move back to my parents. Earlier, I would have gone into a massive panic attack and be certain my life had ended. BUT, I WAS GRATEFUL. Say whaaat?

You heard me. I was grateful that, for once in my life, absolutely nothing was planned ahead. I was forced into a situation where I had to figure out who I was, who I wanted to become and where my Highest Self wanted me to go from there. And so I started painting, writing, meditating, dancing, and reading huge amounts of articles about self-development, spiritual awakening and balancing tips for Empaths. I must admit the interest in various activities was shifting, but at least I always did something.

Still, I started feeling tired and unmotivated after a while. So I went to a great healer Ive been to once before (I still find it quite hard to do healing work on myself). She balanced my energy field and told me to stop overthinking and worrying about it – I am quite good at that sometimes. She also said there was no carrot dangling ahead of me, I actually had it in my hand, I just had to figure out how to eat it. So, I listened, and I have felt so much lighter since. Sometimes we just need to be reminded of what we already know deep down.

I’ve also started to study my own social reflection on a deeper level, really thinking about how other people see me. Not in a low self-esteem, approval-seeking kind of way, but more like who do I want to be for the people dear to me and how can I change to become more like my Authentic Self?
This is so valuable! In working on my self I have also come to see other people differently, to better understand them, forgive instead of holding onto anger, and react with a loving heart instead of a wounded Ego. Oh, how this changes the quality of life! As an Empath, I understand more with every day how important it is to stop trying to control peoples lives, no matter how clear their path is to me. Rather then give them a garden, I will plant them a seed. And let it be up to them to water it or let it wither away. This is not a new fact for me, but whats new is that Im finally managing to do it. And I feel freeee! 😀

So, guys. I am still unemployed. I am still separated from the man I love the most. I still live with my parents. The market is still crap. But I’m still SUPEREXCITED FOR 2016! How great is it to enter a New Year with no limits, no laid-out road but instead endless choices and paths to travel? I hereby promise to follow my Heart and Soul, to let go of control, to spread light and love. And I KNOW these elements will bring me what I truly desire.
And I actually know where to start… By writing a book! 😀


Have an adventure, y’all! And don’t forget the Law of Attraction ❤

my shielding strategy

Dear friends, fellow empaths, spiritual seekers and loving creatures; Im feeling very positive today so I would like to share with you one of my most important tools for coping with high sensitivity.

Since I could walk and talk, Ive been picking up the moods and energies of those around me. This naturally lead me to be the advisor and “psychologist” among my friends and family. In addition, Ive heard so many life stories and troubles of complete strangers that its impossible to even start counting. I guess this is typical for empaths; one of my closest friends use to say people get drawn to me like insects to the light. I think most empaths can relate to this. And I really love that, I do. Without the ability to help and heal, my life would feel quite meaningless. Its what I know, and I know today its my main task here in this lifetime. But. That doesnt mean its all rainbows and butterflies.

Empaths are compelled to help. Its really almost impossible not to, when you feel others emotions and pain as your own. But sometimes it can get too overwhelming for us. I read a quote once that pretty much sums it up: “I feel so much that sometimes I cant feel anything at all”. This is a dangerous, but realistic possibility for all of us, Im afraid. If we cannot learn how to cope, balance and protect ourselves, we can very easily go into long lasting depression and anxiety. This, in turn, leads to isolation and unemployment when unhandled. So. Finding a way to shield and protect yourself is cruical.

I recently started my NLP/coaching-education. I wanted to get some specific tools to help people better, and take care of my self at the same time. This is by far the best investment Ive done! As a coach you must pe prepared to meet all sorts of issues and traumas. And you need to keep it at a healthy distance to be able to help your client (getting paid to cry with them for an hour wont do them much good in the end, will it…) This has helped me so much already. When listening to peoples issues and stories, I would feel extremely bad for them and spend most of my energy on not crying. Today, I see it through a new pair of eyes. Instead of getting stuck in their story, I picture how great it will be for them after we work through their issues. During their story, I pick up clues to work with instead of getting hung up in the most painful parts of it. Empaths are really intuitive and good at finding the root cause of problems, when balanced and positive. So, basically, in stead of feeling the “now”,.I imagine their better future and focus on clues we actually can work with to turn it around. This makes everything a whole lot easier.

Sometimes, we cant help. Either due to the circumstances or the willingness of the other person to do what it takes to get better. Because change takes time, effort and focus. And we cant be their shadows, we cant live their lives for them. We can assist, but the rest is up to them. This is something I just force myself to live by. I do what I can, and if that doesnt help, I know its not my fault. I know they have to find their own motivation to move forward, so I can assist them in finding it, but I cant give them mine. Change comes from within. And, dear empaths and healers; there is no cure for this. There is no easy way out. Give it your part, and then let go. Its hard to let go of control when you see peoples potencial and possibilities, but with time and practice you can do it. I get better at it every day, only from being consistent. Remember; all people have their own paths, their own lessons to be learned. They would be cheating if we did their exams for them, right? And I think one of our lessons to learn is just that. We are here to spread love and light, but the people must do the rest themselves. If not, what would be the point of being here? Even healers need to fight their own struggles.

I also find gratefulness a very helpful tool to protect my energy and vibration. In difficult times anyone can get overshelmed by negative thoughts, beliefs and fear spreading globally. The problem is; you get what you give. Thinking the world is a horrible place will make you continue to perceive the world as a horrible place. So, instead I give thanks to all positive, good things in my life and my surroundings. Are you ready for a twist? I even give thanks for the shitty things. For what I learn about myself, how I can change from it and become stronger, better, wiser. Ive been doing it for some months now and it has changed my life profoundly. Its a bit weird and difficult in the beginning, but after a while you actually start seeing difficult situations as great learning-and-growing possibilities automatically! Give it a go and see for yourselves 😄


Love and light from yours truly,

Spinning those chakras like a DJ

Full moon today, yeah? Suits me well.
The last few weeks theres been A LOT going on. With my friends and family, mostly, but I tend to carry their issues as my own. Honestly its not even by choice, its been like that for as long as I remember.  From a very young age I could always tell what my family was feeling, regardless of what their faces and words were saying. And in the last couple of years this has intensified in so many ways. I can wake up by myself in the morning and instantly know what certain friends or family members are feeling. Not only do I know, I feel their emotions as my own.

Sometimes I see it as a blessing, and sometimes a curse. It makes me able to be there for people and help them without them having to tell me how they feel. It makes me understand them better. And sometimes I have to work hard to release their pain in myself as well, which gives me some kind of experience to use and share with people. I  have struggled to find my way out of anxiety, depression, chronic anger issues and other unwanted states of being over the years. The worst part was not knowing or understanding why, where it came from. I was a happy child with “sunshine” as my nickname, until suddenly I found my mind to be a cold, grey basement with concrete walls and broken lightbulbs. The confusion was only reinforcing it, as it appeared out of the blue and stole my smile as a teenager.

Today, ten years later, I understand. I understand I was feeling the vibes, the moods, the energy of those around me. I understand that my lightbulbs were broken because I tried shining my light over the broken ones but instead I swallowed their darkness. I worked my way out of it pretty quickly due to fear, I guess. That basement scared the sh*t out of me so I ran for the lights and have stayed beneath them ever since. But periodically they blink and need some recharging or changing.

Being a highly sensitive person, an empath, is really a blessing once you find your balance and protect yourself. It is when you cant, you find it a curse. The lesson we need to learn is so simple, yet so challenging; to shed your light on others without taking their darkness in return. Still working on that…

So today I will stand under the full moon and let it cleanse my energy. I will lay the rest of the evening on the couch with a cup of tea. I will take a shower, and I will go to bed. I will sleep for eight hours, and get up to the best day ever.

So get the f*ck outta my face while I balance these chakras 😄


Yours truly,

Patience, grasshopper…

My greatest challenge, without a doubt, is patience. Even the word itself makes me impatient! And Im pretty sure its one of my biggest lessons to learn this time around – I get tested quite so often…

Have patience that good things will come to you. Have patience in people. Have patience in the Universe. Have patience with meditation. Have patience in communicating with your guides. Have patience; everything will happen when its supposed to. You are exactly where you are ment to be today… Im sure you’ve all heard it before. And I believe in it, I do! Or, at least Im trying my best to… But its hard at times.

During the past year, Ive absolutely settled down with the fact that no matter what happens and no matter how shitty it makes you feel, it happens for a reason. Its a lesson to be learned. Accept, understand, learn and move on. This today is my most sacred truth, and I stick to it consequently. Sure, at times I have to work a little harder to identify the lesson to be learned. But if I dig hard enough and stay fully honest with myself, I always get it in the end and it always makes sense. I find it rather helpful to focus on the “what” and ignore the “why”. At least from my own experience, getting stuck in the “why” means danger. “Why now? Why me?” allows you to get comfortable as the innocent victim of the evil and dark in this world. It is often here we choose to perceive it as outside our own control, when deep down we know we are responsible for our own happiness. Im not at all saying that we can control what happens to us. But what we do have control over, is how we respond to it and let it affect us.

This is where Im tested. The statement above works for me. I have to fight my ego sometimes, sure, but in the end I know its all up to me. To accept all challenges as a gift, giving me the opportunity to better myself and fully become the person I want to be. The person I already am, deep down, where the Ego doesnt exist. And Im pretty good at it in stuff that happens to me. My great challenge is related to others. I am a highly sensitive empath that picks up on everybodys emotions and energy. This is likely what opened up for the healing gift (or vice versa). And, unsurprisingly, I attract and get drawn to lots of people in need of some deep healing work. Emotionally, mostly, but this also manifests in their physical bodies.

When the people close to you all suffer so hard, and have done for such a long time, patience is hard. When people have gone through unimaginable traumas that leads to all sorts of physical and mental sufferings, how do you tell them to rewrite their own history? When they have suffered for 20 years and every minute is a living nightmare, how can you say its up to them to choose happiness? Oh, how this is testing my patience, and sometimes even my faith. Im talking about people whos gone to therapists, healers etc and done so much to find that happiness, only to find themselves unsuccessful.

And of course, I aim to help. How can I not? Here, patience is highly necessary. I would like all of them to feel better yesterday. I would like to be done with my coaching-education. I would like to be fully evolved as a healer. If only I could give them my words and my love to make it all vanish. But thats not how it works, is it? So I read. I meditate. I coach. I hug. I heal. And I wait.

I need to trust that everything will happen at the right time. And I need to trust and have patience with myself as a healer, a coach and a friend. I need to view the world with understanding, forgiveness and unconditional love, in times where I see so much hurt, hate and suffering. And here, my dear friends, I have yet to find a helpful tool to make this easier. I just try my best. And I ask that the people creating this pain to be forgiven and refilled with the lacking love that makes them do these horrible things. So. Friggin. Hard.

What about you guys, do you share similar experiences? Im sure you can relate in these times after what happend in Paris and what unfortunately happens around the world. Have you found helpful tools in shining light over darkness?


Yours truly,

first words

So… A couple of days ago, I found myself a bit overwhelmed by all the challenges in trying to lead a spiritual, free and loving life. I guess these challenges are what we call the Ego. It explains it all, doesnt it!

I lived most of my life as a quite ordinary girl with no specific religion or beliefs. I was studying, working, dating – you know, the regular routine. But I always felt that something was missing, or to be corrected, that I was missing the bigger picture. The typical sentence “there must be more to life than this?” popped up more often than not. And pretty soon I crossed paths with several spiritual people that fed my curiosity. This led me to my first spiritual encounters with a variety of events, meetings and medium readings. And I was sold.

It started about two years ago, and today I am 26 years of age. Healing is my main “gift” but I also strive to evolve in all aspects of what does the term “spirituality” justice. Im not just talking about talking to guides, spirits and you know what. Im talking about the personal growth, in how I see and sense the world, what I give out and what I get, replacing my ego with unconditional love and the list goes on. This is amazing work to do, with incredible results, but also REALLY challenging at times.

When surfing through books, articles, and the web, I find a lot of tools to assist in ascension. In addition, blogs and numerous instagram-profiles share positive and loving quotes about spirituality and the universe. This is great; please dont get me wrong here, I love it and often spread the word myself. BUT, it would be great to read about the real challenges people meet on their spiritual pathway, and possible ways to overcome them. So, this is what I would like to do here!

What do you think? Which challenges do you struggle with today, and what would you like to be discussed here?

Love and light from yours truly,